Microsoft OS Repair & Install

Microsoft Windows is a series of operating systems that was first launched in 1985 as a response to Apple’s Mac OS. At the time, Microsoft’s MS-DOS operating system was the company’s premier offering, but its text based interface meant that only those with sufficient know-how could operate it. But the ease and simplicity offered by the Mac’s graphical user interface made it extremely popular among the general populace. Sensing the demise of the text based interface, Microsoft released Windows as a direct competitor to the Mac. Since then, Windows OS has dominated the market.

At Global Cubes we provide remote technical support for troubleshooting and fixing errors or issues in any Microsoft product. Now you need not spend extra time and money by visiting various websites and forums for getting Microsoft support. Our Microsoft help desk Global Cubes certified technicians will diagnose and solve your problems instantly.

Microsoft Support Services

  • Comprehensive tech support to troubleshoot issues related to Microsoft Windows Operating systems.

  • Diagnosis and repair of all hardware & Software issues.

  • Updation of drivers and security to protect against online threats.

  • Install service packs and patches for your Microsoft Products

  • Connection to Internet, devices and peripherals.

  • Optimization of your computer’s speed and performance Support for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

Support for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows 95

  • Microsoft Windows 98

  • Microsoft Windows ME

  • Microsoft Windows NT

  • Microsoft Windows XP Home & Pro

  • Microsoft Windows 2000

  • Microsoft Windows Vista

  • Microsoft Windows 7

  • Microsoft Windows 8

Scope of Service

  • First Call Resolution.

  • Instant Diagnose & Repair.

  • Excellent value for money.

  • Highly skilled technical team at your service

  • The software we use to view your screen is completely safe

You can call Global Cubes and get unlimited tech support. Our certified and highly skilled professionals will assure that your Microsoft O.S issues are fixed.