Support for Multimedia Apps

Multimedia is media and content that uses a combination of different content forms. Multimedia is usually recorded and played, displayed or accessed by information content processing devices, such as computerized and electronic devices, but can also be part of a live performance. Multimedia (as an adjective) also describes electronic media devices used to store and experience multimedia content. Multimedia is distinguished from mixed media in fine art; by including audio, for example, it has a broader scope.

You just need to give us a call and our certified technicians will provide you instant technical troubleshooting service support for all multimedia application. We respond to your queries immediately and are fully capable of resolving even the most complex issues. Contact Global Cubes expert technician for a quick resolution to all issues related to installation, configuration or upgradation of multimedia application. We have certified technicians engaged in solving your multimedia application problems. Whenever you give us a call our technician will be connected to you and help you to resolve your problems instantly.

Multimedia applications:

  • Windows Media player

  • Itunes

  • Windows Movie Maker

  • VLC media player

Multimedia applications Support includes:

  • Fix corrupt windows media player database

  • Install right codecs to play videos and music

  • Unable to play vidoes from a cd/dvd

  • Video problems while streaming

  • How to Resolve CD Ripping Error C00D10D2

  • Window Media player freezes in full screen mode

  • Adding missing clip art in Windows Media player

  • Installing iTunes.

  • Upgrading, removing iTunes from computer and registry

  • Fix syncing issues with Apple devices

  • Recreate iTunes library with all songs and albums

  • Fix device not recognized in iTunes etc

  • Fix crashes in Movie maker

  • Fix dll files missing issues

  • Registry errors related to Movie maker

  • Unable to import/export a file

  • Unable to burn movies to cd/dvd etc

  • Unable to Launch VLC Media player

  • Unable to play certain types of music/video files in VLC

  • Unable to play any DVD’s

  • Choppy video/sound

  • Screen goes black while playing videos etc

Scope of Service

  • First Call Resolution.

  • Instant Diagnose & Repair.

  • Excellent value for money.

  • Highly skilled technical team at your service

  • The software we use to view your screen is completely safe

You can call Global Cubes and get unlimited tech support. Our certified and highly skilled professionals will assure that your Multimedia issues are fixed.